America EV is a luxury golf cart company operating out of West Palm Beach, FL, specializing in unique and custom golf carts based off luxury cars for an affordable price. Roadster Golf Cart features our 1932 California Roadster and 39 Roadster carts, based off the cars after which they are named and available for sale or rental! Both types of Roadster golf cart are capable of reaching a maximum speed of 24mph, making them eligible for low speed vehicle (LSV) certification and registration. When registered as an LSV, a golf cart is street legal and is allowed on public roads with a posted speed limit of 35mph or less.

Our Roadster golf carts are built and assembled in our home headquarters in West Palm Beach, using completely new parts put through strict and professional quality control. The California Roadster and 39 Roadster come with all safety features required for LSV registration, including headlights, taillights, brake lights, side mirrors, horn, and turn signals.

The frames of our Roadsters are made from rugged and corrosion-proof aluminum I-beams, and our Roadsters are also the only golf carts to feature a standard 4-wheel braking system, including the use of front wheel hydraulic disk brakes. With standard batteries, these carts can travel approximately 20 to 25 miles on a charge, and also have the option of upgrading to a lithium battery for a much longer range.

Many upgrades are available for both Roadsters, from custom paint jobs to added accessories. Our two most popular custom paint jobs are the hood flames, where you can have colored flames down the hood and front fenders, or the woody paint job, where the sides, hood, back, and grill trim are professionally airbrushed with a wood-grain pattern. Other customization options include custom rims and tires, 8 color neon lights under the cart and/or roof (if applicable), a color-matched hard-top roof, a backup camera, and more. You can view all of our Roadster accessories and replacement parts on our accessories page, and find out what upgrades are available for which cart on the pages for the California Roadster and 39 Roadster.

For more information on our Roadster golf carts, visit our America EV website to view additional pictures and more of our luxury golf carts.

To view our entire fleet of golf carts and more information on other brands we carry, rentals, and sales, visit our main website Prime Golf Cars.